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How to stop sharing Manicure Tools with Strangers

March 01, 2016

We are on Elle!

Read Elle's feature on THE NAIL EDITION PRO CLASSIC Kit!  If the thought of having your personal manicure kit ever crossed your mind, you don't want to miss this...

THE NAIL EDITION PRO CLASSIC Kit contains the fundamental set of tools, packed in a classic designer case that you can bring from your home, office or leave at your favourite nail salon. Your lifetime companion for all future mani/pedi sessions.

Check out what's inside THE NAIL EDITION PRO CLASSIC kit here.

Order your personal kit. Each kit comes with a personalised name charm and your choice of toe spacer design. The Kit costs S$318 for direct home delivery or choose to pick your ordered kit at one of our participating salons for S$288. (applies to Singapore only)

So which nail tool do you least prefer to share at the nail salons?

Click link for full article.

Elle: How to stop sharing Manicure Tools with Strangers TitleElle: How to stop sharing Manicure Tools with Strangers Article




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August 18, 2016

两年前在脚指甲再次中甲菌的当儿,偶然的交谈中,起了创立THE NAIL EDITION的念头。虽然当时已意识到美甲市场上缺少能够在美甲沙龙用的个人全套专业美甲用具盒,但从来没有想过自己来做。经家人一提,忽然觉得为什么没早点想到,因此定下决心,开始了第一次创业的新路程。

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Can Men do Mani Pedi too?

May 05, 2016

Thank you Nanyou for the sleek feature of THE NAIL EDITION tools!

We hear some of you saying "Of course not! Men don't need to polish their nails, so why would they need to do mani / pedi?"

We don't blame you, cos many men would say the same. And some men even feel shy staying around nail salons while waiting for their other half to "prettify" their nails.

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Cleo: Nail These Manicure Kit!
Nail These Manicure Kit!

March 29, 2016

See Cleo's feature on THE NAIL EDITION® PRO CLASSIC Kit!

Beautiful + Healthy Nails = Good Nail Salon + THE NAIL EDITION Kit!

When doing your nails, always choose to visit a trusted Nail Salon (for our Singapore friends, check out THE NAIL EDITION Salon Partners) who will take good care of your nails.

And bring your personalised THE NAIL EDITION® PRO CLASSIC Kit to the salon

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