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How to Choose a Good Nail Salon?

February 27, 2018

Consumers today are spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing a nail salon. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to select a good nail salon to fulfill beauty needs without compromising on fundamental aspects such as safety and hygiene of salons.

Price of services is one main factor that influences decision making when choosing a salon. However, there are many reported issues associated with unprofessional nail specialists, inadequate salon hygiene practices and low quality unsafe products such as nail disorders, allergy, widespread of infections such as fungus and diseases.

Many consumers end up paying significantly more for medical bills and such unprofessional service gives the beauty industry a bad reputation. Hence, it is vital to choose a good nail salon with professional and qualified nail specialist who are able to provide the perfect manicure with safe and hygienic salon products and practices.

When visiting a new salon, observe by sight the general cleanliness and hygiene practices such as sterilisation of tools and service area. In additional, feel free to ask about the service procedures and quality of products that will be used, taking special notice of the country of origin and ingredients to check if there are anything that might trigger allergy reactions.

Ingredients of individual products should be clearly listed to enable specialists to make the right recommendations to consumers with special concerns. In addition, avoid mass-market salons that invest heavily in promotions, as these salons tend to focus on speed rather than professionalism and skills, compromising on areas of safety and hygiene. Often, technicians in such salons are not professionally trained therefore may not be equipped with knowledge of natural nail care, allergy and infectious nail diseases.  

One easy way to find a trusted salon is to look out for salons or nail technicians with professional accreditations awarded by professional organisations such as Japan – Asia Nails and Eye Beauty Association (JANEA). Established in Japan with Singapore as its Asia Managing Head Quarters, JANEA was established to upkeep the professionalism of nails and eye beauty expertise in Asia via the following International Certification Examinations:



Nail Specialist (3 levels)

Gel Nail Specialist (2 levels)

 Equip with Professional Skills and Knowledge

JANEA Certified Salon Hygiene Manager (Nails)

 Maintain and Upkeep Strict Hygiene Controls

Salon Hygiene Management Certification Seminar encompasses the following topics:

  • How to choose the right facility & equipment
  • Hygiene Management Roles
  • Knowledge of Infection, Irritation & Allergy
  • Nail Disease & Skin Disease
  • How to protect yourself as a nails /eyelash extension specialist
  • Customer’s Consultation & Agreement
  • Proper Disinfection & Hygiene of tools and towels



 JANEA Certified Salons

Accredited salons with strict hygiene control, professional specialists as well as use of high quality products for consumers’ safety and peace of mind.

 Criteria for Certification:

  • Certified Specialists with Professional Skills and Knowledge

Professionally trained and certified nail specialists are equipped with skills and knowledge for safe service practices.  

  • Use Safe Products and Practices

Use products where ingredients are clearly indicated and specialists are equipped with product knowledge to handle them properly according to ingredients characteristics.

  • Certified Salon Hygiene Manager in Each Outlet

Maintain and upkeep strict hygiene standards and routines to ensure a safe salon environment for consumers.


To identify a JANEA Certified Nail Salon, look for this decal (See attached) on the salon entrance or visit to see the list of JANEA certified nails and eyelash extension salons in Singapore.

JANEA Certified Salon Decal



JANEA (Japan-Asia Nails & Eye Beauty Association) is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2016 to establish Japan’s high level of nail and eye beauty expertise and skills, built over long years of experience throughout Asia. JANEA holds seminars and classes to cultivate highly skilled expert technicians, establishes common standards for skill evaluation, and promotes the use of safe, high quality products so that consumers throughout Asia can enjoy their chosen nail and eyelash extension services confidently in their safety and comfort.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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