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Which Nail Tool(s) do you Least Prefer to Share?

Which Nail Tool(s) do you Least Prefer to Share?

Sitting on the comfortable couch in the Nail Salon, have you ever wished you had your personal Nail Kit and didn't need to use the common ones?

We've always cringed a little when we visualise the same foot file brushing our feet now brushing someone else's before ours, or imagining whose toes the spacers could be between earlier that day at the same nail salon.  

So which Nail Tool do YOU least prefer to share at the Nail Salons?

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Beautiful Nails all year round with your Personal THE NAIL EDITION Nail Kit

Beautiful Nails All Year Round

For the celebrities and socialites, this is probably a no brainer with celebrity nail artists looking after their nails with utmost TLC, making sure their digits look absolutely on point, and matching their outfit for every event.  But for the rest of us, it will require just a little more effort, on our own. 

Instead of sharing where to find inspirations for drop-dead-gorgeous nail designs that can be a great conversation starter at any event, it might, on the contrary be more apt to discuss what exactly is preventing us from having beautiful nails all the time, and what can we do about it.

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