Last order before Christmas on Dec 16.


Last order before Christmas on Dec 16.


Which Nail Tool(s) do you Least Prefer to Share?

October 02, 2018

Sitting on the comfortable couch in the Nail Salon, have you ever wished you had your personal Nail Kit and didn't need to use the nail implements, files or buffers shared with hundreds of strangers?

If your answer is Yes...

THANK YOU for being honest.  We've found a friend!!


We've always cringed a little when we visualise the same foot file brushing our feet now brushing someone else's before ours, or imagining whose toes the spacers could be between earlier that day at the same nail salon.  

Not that any of the salons we visited were questionable (in fact, ever since we became aware of the potential nail infection risks at the salons, we've been extra careful to do our research before visiting any new nail salons and made sure we only visit favourite salons we trust), it was just that our over imaginative nature doesn't serve us well in this instance ;)

It doesn't help too when we hear frequent horror stories from media all over the world, coupled with equally disturbing images, on the aftermath of nail infections after mani-pedi sessions.  And as we do more research, we realise there are varying levels of nail salon hygiene regulations (if any), practices and expectations all over the world. 

"I was thrilled to have my own very own Manicure and Pedicure Kit! I am a person who is very particular about hygiene due to my profession as a nurse in the past and we shouldn't really be sharing any nail kit. Sharing of nail kit is extremely unhygienic. But if you use a one time kit, it is bad for environment too. So why not have a set that you can keep for a long time? I travel quite often so I need my very own nail kit set and so far I have been using for two years. I love it." - Carrie, Singapore

Don't get us wrong.  We LOVE our regular treats of mani-pedi, and don't ever wish to give it up.  Which is why we would do whatever it takes to ensure we get our beautiful nails with the minimum risk exposure within our control.  All we want is beautiful nails all year round, and none of the nasties. 

To do that, we made sure we:

  1. ONLY visit salons that have got their hygiene standards and processes right,
  2. Bring our PERSONAL tool kit so there's no need to share the fundamental tools.
  3. Request for our nail techs to STERILIZE our tools after each use.

How about you? Have you done something to address this concern?  Perhaps bought some tools from Salons and assembled your own kit?  Or are you hunting around for a manicure set you can just pick up and bring to your salon?

If you've had the intention to use your own tools but gave up as you couldn't find a ready manicure kit you can buy off the shelves and don't have the energy to assemble your own nail set, then fret no longer, as we have you covered.

Check out THE NAIL EDITION PRO LITE kits - designer nail kit packed with Salon-Grade nail implements, files and buffers that you can simply bring and use at the nail salons. Pass it to your nail technicians and ask them to use your personal tools, and not the salon ones.

Out of curiosity....

Of the tools used during regular Manicure / Pedicure sessions, which one(s) do you least prefer to share? (If you need some guide to the tools, check out THE NAIL EDITION Tools page. 

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