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Designer Manicure Case for Manicure Tools

Prefer to bring your personal manicure tools to the nail salon but not able to find a proper case that keeps all the tools in place, and you would look good carrying?

For the first time, THE NAIL EDITION designer cases are being sold separately, for manicure lovers who already have their own tools, and simply need a stylish case to carry their tools to the nail salon.

Each zippered case* fits:

  • 1 cuticle nipper
  • 1 cuticle pusher
  • 1 full sized nail clipper
  • 4 nail files (approx 3 emery/thin files + 1 sanding file
  • 1 rectangular block (buffer / sanding)

*tools are not included.

Bringing your personal manicure kit to the salon is no longer a hassle. Stop sharing tools at the nail salon and do your nails in style.

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